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Music has the power to preach to each and every one of us. It has the power to deliver the gospel and to transform lives. This Music Committee believes, therefore, that music should play a fundamental role in the worship services of our church.

Mission Statement

Our purpose is to minister to others. In so doing, our function is to manage and organize the music of our church.
We endeavor to:

  • Develop policies and procedures for the use and performance of music in our worship services and in our church.
  • Evaluate and make recommendations to the church office and the church board about music events in the church. Such events will include, special music performances, music programs, and other music in the church.

Music Committee Members (2010 to 2012):
Sidany Barkley-Steele, Gary Benjamin, Danielle Davis, Fred Davis, James Dawson, Chester Hickman, Ross October, Adlai Onsoe, Guidel Rivera, Edwin Rumbaoa, Melissa Swain-Nembhard, Colin Villiers (Leader), Marilyn Villiers, Harry Walker