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  • Bless Phil Chavez
    - Jul 02 2017
  • Bless Phil Chavez
    - Jul 01 2017
  • Please pray for my husband my children and I.please pray that by God's grace and in Jesus name that my husband stays away from all people who are a bad influence to him.please pray thAt we find a home and a job
    Hilda Ramos - Mar 15 2017
  • Please pray for my husband eli.please pray that by gods grace and in jesus name that my husband comes home toniggt and that he realizes that he needs our children and i
    Hilda Ramos - Feb 27 2017
  • Father Creator, please open my daughter Christy’s eyes and turn her from darkness to light, and from the power of Satan to the power of God, so that she may receive forgiveness of sins and a place among those who are sanctified by faith in your son Christ Jesus. May Christy love You, the Lord our God, with all her heart and with all her soul and with all her mind and with all her strength. Please protect Christy from all forms of harm, danger, evil and negativity. In Christ Jesus Amen
    Carolyn D - Jan 01 2017
  • Hello. My sister has been having digestion issues and went to a specialist. He discovered she is getting jaundiced. The options of what is causing this are not good, with infection or gallbladder being the better options. The others are liver disease and cancer. She will have tests next week to find out what is going on. Why they are waiting a week, I don't know. Blood tests were today. Please pray that God will heal her of whatever is wrong before her tests next week. PLEASE. She needs prayer to be completely healed. Thank you.
    Suzy - Dec 08 2016
  • PRAYERS for 2 (two) addicted men; nephew Bret, friend Paul: alcohol,drugs, tobacco; drugs most powerful
    dena-antoinette chisholm - Dec 02 2016
  • There is a famous evangelist who is very handsome and single. He is a full fledge narcissist and womanizer. He has been engaged 4 times and married once. He stole the wife of a pastor friend of his and then he( the evangelist) divorced her. He has no conscious. He targets vulnerable women and then devastates them. He has been spoken to by other pastors in the faith to no avail. this evangelist is a law unto himself. He has targeted a Christian married woman with two small children who is separated from her husband.. Please pray that her eyes will be opened to see his true colors and she will escape from him in the name of Jesus and she will reconcile with her husband. Also that this evangelist be exposed to the body of Christ. Thank you.
    Estercita Contreras - Jul 09 2016
  • if I'm accepted for MSW program, my daughter has to go back to school. I pray for guidance because the ideal school is Christian, but not Adventist. I ask prayers for God to show me what to do. Please, pray for my family. Amen
    - Jun 21 2016