Special Guest: Jackie Jewel Cunningham

Music Evangelist/Health Coach
Jackie began playing piano around three and a half years old under the guidance of her mother, and first teacher, Carel Esposo. She’s been a member of several singing ministry groups including “Children of the King”, “The Advent Singers” and most recently the “Revelation of Hope Singers”. Jackie plays for neighboring churches, choirs and schools and teaches music as well. Jackie’s gift of piano playing is a beautiful example of God’s love and her voice is the Holy Spirit’s sweet compliment. Jackie studied Music Performance at P.U.C., C.U.C. and Andrews University. She also studied nursing and received her degree from Fresno City College and is a graduate of AFCOE. Her goal is to share God’s love with others through the gift of music.

“Jackie has the ability to uplift one’s spirit with just one quick run on the keys...her voice is soothing to the ears and to the soul...God has truly blessed her with a gift that should be shared with the entire world.” – Lalee Malqued

Jackie will be giving a sacred concert from 3:00 to 4:00 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 29. She will have CDs available to purchase after sundown.