True beauty
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We often hear that "beauty is skin deep," but that is inaccurate. Prettiness is skin deep. True beauty radiates from the inmost being and thence out through the skin. We tell the story of Esther as the tale of a beautiful girl who wins the heart of the king, and uses her feminine wiles to influence him. But what we see on closer examination is a woman of amazing humility, whose winsome character and shrewd reason persuade a king and rescue God's chosen people.

This story also serves to caution us about our faith in our own judgments of who is devout and who is not. And it gives comfort to those who feel themselves "left behind." Mordecai's caution to Esther warns us as well: "Who knows if you haven't come to the kingdom for such a time as this?" God places each one of us where, if we devote our lives and talents to Him, we will play an indispensale role in His great plan of salvation.

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